“Make your child's birthday party fun, funny, amazing and a smash hit.”
Invite Leodini, arguably the funniest comedy magician in the Philippines, to cheer up your child's guests.

Book the Leodini Comedy Magic Show now before somebody else gets your date
“Just when I thought I've seen everything, Leodini comes along and the kiddie party scene is never the same again! Our Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts were flooded with raves and praises about how enjoyable, funny and unique your show was! The comic timing was spot on, magic tricks were amazing! The first time my husband and I watched your act, he told me he was gonna book you for our baby's 1st birthday. That was more than 2 years ago! And our baby just turned 1. You were the one thing we were sure to have at our unborn baby's party! And we sure are happy we did! Thank you so much, Sir Leo! You are legendary and one of a kind!”
– Mommy Nina


“Sir Leodini, I just want to tell you that all of my guests, especially the dads, loved your acts. They've seen tons of magicians (name it, we've seen it), but you're the only one who made them laugh until their stomachs ached.Some of them didn't want to take a bathroom break for fear they would miss something from your show. Here's to more laughterand amazing moments.”
–Mommy Joy

“Dear Mr Leodini, my guests during my son's party Sunday can't stop talking about you and your act! Both kids and adults were entertained. They were laughing the whole time. They were also amazed by your last act.Galing talaga! Most of my guests are kids party veterans, but they really enjoyed your unique show. I've lost count on how many friends and relatives asked for your contact details. Thanks again!”
– Bobby G., Chairman, Company Picnic

“Good morning, Sir Leodini. Thank you for the wonderful, hilarious and breathtaking act last night. You were a blast. Till next event.”
– Chinky, Event Organizer


Dear Parents,
  • Do you want your child to be laughing hard and having fun on his birthday?

  • Do you want his friends and guests to be enjoying the celebration alongside him?

  • Do you want a magic show that the Titas, Titos, Ninangs, Ninongs, Yayas, Lolas and Lolos will enjoy as much as the children?

  • Do you want to throw a hassle-free party that impresses the adult guests and makes you feel and look good?

Call/text 0916-4267676 today And book the Leodini Comedy Magic Show For your child's birthday party. Or Email Leodini to book your party.

Leodini, the award-winning comedy Magician in the Philippines, will come to entertain the children and the adult guests at your child's party. He will give everyone such a good time that they will talk about your child's party for days to come.

Depending on your budget, you can choose from different show packages. There is always a Leodini Fun and Funny Magic Show that suits your needs.

This program is for small parties of about 10 to 12 children and two or three adults in attendance. Popular among foreign nationals in the country, it features magic with small animals, comedy, audience participation and funny tricks that will leave the children laughing and shrieking with delight.

Call/Text 0916-4267676 Or Email Leodini To book the Deluxe Package For your child's birthday party now.

This program is for parties of 20 or more children and up to 300 adult guests. It features magic with small animals, audience participation, comedy, escape act and large illusions. The goal of the show is to thoroughly entertain and impress the guests, both the children and adults, with fun but extremely baffling magic tricks that Leodini, the comedy Magician in the Philippines, is known for.

Call/Text 0916-4267676 Or Email Leodini To book the Deluxe Package For your child's birthday party now.

This package includes everything in the Deluxe Package plus one English-speaking party host who manages the entire program, conducts games, and twists balloon animals.

Call/Text 0916-4267676 Or Email Leodini To book the Gold Package For your child's birthday party now.

In summary, here’s what you get from the different
show packages:

In summary, here's what you get from the different show packages:
  • 45-minute to one-hour comedy and audience-participation show.

  • Fast-paced opening---live animal magic routine set to beautiful music.

  • Features the appearance and disappearance of the rabbit with a lot of help from the kids.

  • At least one magic number involving an adult (a mommy, daddy, Tito, or Tita, etc.)

  • Several vanishes, productions, color changes, impossible phenomena using handkerchiefs, ropes, mysterious boxes, borrowed objects...

  • The show is not "pambata" but family-type---meaning it can be enjoyed by both the children and parents watching together.

The style of the show is a comedy, so warn your guests to be ready to laugh a lot during the show. NOTE : Specific tricks are subject to last-minute changes depending on the conditions of the venue.

Call/Text 0916-4267676 Or Email Leodini To book yours Child's birthday party now.

Here's what the children are saying about Leodini...

  "The show was cool because there were some unbelievable tricks. Till I got home, I was thinking how Leodini did it."
–D.L. Bantug, H.S. II
“Ang magic show ni Leodini ay masaya ... Hindi siya ‘boring’ na katulad ng ibang magic show.”
– R. Cantuto
  “I laughed and had fun during the show…I was truly amazed when the rabbit vanished then reappeared in the handkerchief.”
– R. L. Cabrera, Grade 2
  “The magic show was so beautiful…Leodini was very funny and did his job well.”
– K. M. Ramos. H.S. II
  “"We like the show so much we want to see it again---now!" - cousins Charmaine and Dee, ”
– both 7 years old

Make your life easier. Don't risk the success of your party. Let Leodini, the funniest comedy Magician in the Philippines, brighten up your child's birthday party. Hire an entertainer who knows how to entertain everyone---the children and the adults. Don't leave a guest out in the corner, looking at the ceiling and counting lizards while the party is going on. Call/text Leodini, the comedy Magician in the Philippines, at 0916-4267676 today. Book your child's party and give every guest a fun and mirthful day.

Call Leodini, the Birthday Party Magic Specialist,
at 0917-9130934 today.

Book your child's party and give every guest a fun and mirthful day.

What the parents are saying about Leodini...

  "Dear Sir Leo, thank you for your email and all I can say is that we all had a blast with your show. I really made the right choice in choosing you. Whenever I email and text all my guests and thank them for coming, all they can remember is the magician. You WOWED them all!!!

You rocked the whole house down with your show!!! There was never a dull moment, from the moment you took the floor, up to the very last words of your goodbye. It was really fun having you at the party. I felt like a 7 year old kid again."
– Mommy Marion
My children as well as my entire family and friends had a blast watching you! Thank you so much for making Yannah's bday a success! Dami mong fans!
– Mommy Chris
  "Hi Leodini, I just really want to thank you for the great performance you did on my son's birthday party. My friends just couldn't stop talking about it and trying to discover where the trick lay during the illusion...you know how adults are! The kids were in awe just as I was. Thank you...thank you...thank you so much!"
– Mommy Jing
  "Hello Leo, we would also like to thank you for the great show that you did for my son's first birthday party. Everyone sure had fun judging from their facial expressions and reactions during and after the show. Many are still wondering how you did that finale act of yours. Some missed it and I told them they missed a great act."
–Daddy Dick
  "Leodini, thanks a lot...Grabe, enjoy lahat pati matanda! Ang galing-galing mo na lalo. Salamat po ulit."
– Mommy Amy

Book your child's birthday party today and serve your guests lots of laughter Call/Text 09164267676 today---while you are thinking about it. Or email inquiry@leodini.com