Leodini's Bio
Leodini has been performing magic since age 9 when he learned his
first card trick.

While in college, he began performing at birthday parties, fiestas
and school functions. He even performed on the sidewalk for friends
when he felt the mood to perform, stopping human traffic and
gathering a large crowd of onlookers.

After college, he worked for the largest Philippine bank, starting as
a clerk and rising up the corporate ladder until he clinched a Senior
Manager position in the bank’s Public Relations Office. He edited
the entire bank’s publication, including its intranet and website.
Over the years, he has written speeches for the bank’s presidents and
executives and played a major role in the company’s public relations
initiatives both for its internal and external audiences. All these
years, he performed magic as hobby and then as a means of second

After 23 years in banking and public relations, Leodini resigned from
his work and pursued a full-time career in magic entertainment.
His magic program features comedy, audience participation, livestock,
and small illusions suitable for platform and cabaret-type venues.
He also performs sleight-of-hand close-up magic at restaurants and
occasional short mentalism routines for adult audiences in corporate

His performing style focuses on versatility. Thus, he has performed
for both adult and children audiences in platform, parlor, and
intimate close-up situations. The emphasis of the performance is on
entertainment via comedy, audience participation, engaging patter,
music and amusing situations.

Leodini has performed for all types of venues such as schools,
birthday parties, restaurants, clubhouses, malls, carnivals, hotels,
conventions, resorts, TV shows, and banks, both for individual and
corporate clients. Apart from all this, Leodini also exhibits his
wide performing range through mind reading, psychic entertainment and

A writer and public speaker, he writes magic-related posts on the
Internet, marketing materials, magic routines and speeches with magic
or psychic themes.

• Champion 1996 Silk Magic Competition
• Champion 1997 Comedy Magic Competition
• 2nd Runner Up 1998 Close-up Magic Competition
• 2nd Runner Up 1999 Close-up Magic Competition
• 2000 Presidential Awardee for Excellence in Magical
Performance (Only four magicians in the entire Philippines received
this award.)

• Champion 2000 Close-up Magic Competition
• 1st Runner Up 2001 Comedy Magic Competition
• 1st Runner Up 2002 Open Category Magic Competition
• Champion 2002 Stage & Platform Magic Competition
• 1st Runner Up 2003 Romantic Magic Competition
• Consultant : NAKS!, GMA 7’s popular magic show
• Champion 2006 Card Magic Competition

Contact Numbers:

Mobile Phone 0916-4267676

E-mail : inquiry@leodini.com