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Why God Created Mommies

This video shows the most compelling reason why God created mommies.

Babies would simply be lost without them. And so would daddies…

Watch the video and find out why mommies are not created equal with daddies.

I want Milk, stupid Daddy.

Stay magical,



What to Eat Now?

As a Filipino magician, I’m endowed with magic powers and psychic abilities. Still, I’d say that when it comes to what’s happening to our daily meals, I don’t get it.

The foods we eat may provide us nutrients today. Over time they will kill us. Along with minerals, vitamins and other nutritious substances, the foods we eat, in this modern, technology-advanced world contain poison.

I tremble at the thought of it. Nobody will survive life eating. One can go to a fine-dining restaurant, put delicious food into his mouth using expensive silver utensils, and pay wallet-busting amount for a meal. He is still going to die as surely as the guy who eats a P10-hamburger in a corner hamburger stand. Continue Reading »

Sometimes, counting our blessings pays better than moping in the corner and counting our scarcity.

Take a woman’s status in the Philippines. In our country, women not only command respect but also compete with men on equal footing in almost all fields of endeavor. Many companies, banks and government institutions have women on top of the corporate hierarchy calling the shots.

In my house, we have four women. My wife, two daughters and the house-help. Before you ask the question, I’m going to categorically admit it. Yes, they’re the ones calling the shots in the house. Now, are you happy? Continue Reading »

Dangerous Wives

I quake in my pants every time I tell a lie. My wife is psychic. She catches me when I tell not the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the the truth.

Still, I think I’m lucky I married a woman with psychic powers. Some losers married psychotic and violent women.

Here’s one husband who didn’t make it through marriage: Husband killed and fried by Brazilian housewife.

According to Fox News, Rosanita Nery dos Santos, 52, drugged her husband in his sleep, then stabbed him to death two years ago in Salvador..

She then hacked Jose Raimundo Soares dos Santos’ body into more than 100 pieces, boiled, fried and hid them in plastic bags beneath a staircase in her house.

In another part of the world, a despondent wife wanting to entertain herself, fed her husband dog excrement in a curry.

According to a BBC report, Jill Martin, 47, pleaded guilty in a Scottish court to serving the poo-laced dinner to her husband. To make matters worse, she started laughing as he began to eat.

Just wondering. If she needed entertainment, why didn’t she just watched “Desperate Housewives” on TV?

Who says marriage is easy?


Make Your Child Happy on his Birthday

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It used to be that we parents worry about our children being bullied in school.

Today, bullying looks like the least of our concerns. Just open your browser to see what’s happening to our children when they are supposed to be safely taught in school.

Italian Teacher Cuts Off Noisy Kid’s Tongue

Principal Admits Throwing Excrement on Child

Teacher Pleads Guilty to Assaulting Grade 1 Pupil

Head of Pre-School Center Takes 32 of His Own Pupils and 2 Teachers Hostage

Today, the top news that soured my coffee is a report about dead students so many that they make A Nightmare on Elm Street look like High School Musical. Continue Reading »

We have to admit that along with valuable knowledge, junk can be found on the Internet in great quantities.

A helpful find today is CNET.com’s articles on keeping kids safe online.

Children love the Internet, because the cyberworld offers knowledge and games that widens their vistas of their world. It also provides opportunities to socialize with net citizens around the globe. Continue Reading »

Weight Loss, Anyone?

I never worry about getting fat. I eat all I can and still stay thin.

I’m picky with food, too. When I say “I eat all I can”, that amounts to less than a single helping for the supersized, bulging-at-the-wrong-places parents out there.

I’m worried about my wife’s weight, though. Also, I think my two sons, Adrian (10 years old) and Wendell (13 years old) are overweight.

So I jumped for joy when I stumbled upon the article 20 Tips for Permanent Weight Loss on MayoClinic’s website. I needed only about three tips for reducing my sons’ weights (and my wife’s, too, if only I can convince her to follow the suggested diet-and-exercise regimen). What I’ve trawled from the Net is a treasure chest full of cutting-edge weight reduction techniques.

The ideas that the article suggests such as Create opportunities to be active each day, Don’t keep comfort foods in the house, See what you eat, and Reward yourself seem reasonable and easy to follow. I’m excited for my two sons and wife.

Do I harbor hope that the ideas, if followed, will result in the trimming down of my sons and wife PERMANENTLY?

No. I’m always leery about pitches with the word permanent in it. If they succeed in losing weight and maintain slim figures for two weeks, I’d be happy. I’m easy to please, you know.

I’m sharing the article with the readers. It’s too good to keep for my family’s use only.

Here it is: 20 ideas to help loss weight.

Stay magical,



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Mr. Bean (Rowan Atkinson) is a genius. He makes people laugh with his symphony of pantomimes. Every Filipino magician, performing artist and student performer who want to entertain family audiences should study Mr. Bean’s performing techniques. A serious student can take lessons to heart by watching him tell jokes mainly through facial expressions and body movements.

Here’s one from Mr. Bean’s video files that makes my day today…

Stay magical,



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I have this sneaking suspicion that I became I professional magician because my brain was wired incorrectly.

Take watching television, for example. The romantically inclined would watch TV with his wife. A good parent with the heart of a mother hen would prefer to watch television together with his children.

I have neither the romantic inclination nor the heart, liver or intestine of a mother hen. I watch television the only way I know and in a manner that other people, even members of my household, find despicable. Continue Reading »

If you think Filipinos are so dumb that they cheat when taking the nursing licensure exam, watch this video to uplift your low esteem of the Pinoy.

The Australian comedy group called “The Chaser” shot this video in US streets. Ordinary citizens gave their “brightest” answers to simple questions like “What are Nagasaki and Hiroshima famous for?”, “Who is Tony Blair?” and many others. Their witless answers made my 10-year old Adrian blush. I’m sure the respondents’ intelligence level will also turn you crimson—from embarrassment and from laughing hard. Continue Reading »

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