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The rules of the Name Game are simple. Even small children will have no problem following them. The only requirement is for the players to recognize the values of the cards. In this game, suits don’t count.

To make the game fun, there must be at least four players. Less than four players can in theory play, but the game will not be as much fun, because there will be less opportunities for laughter.

I suggest that you gather at least five or more players to get as much fun out of the game as possible. Continue Reading »

Yes, this is a hilarious card game. Not just funny, but hilariously hilarious.

I do not know of any other card game that can make me cry with laughter the way this card game can.

As a Filipino magician, I live through my workaday life with a deck of playing cards as my constant companion. I know several card tricks that I enjoy to perform for paying clients.

Continue Reading »

The Serendipity of 598

My show last Sunday could have been one of the unluckiest in my career had serendipity not stepped in and turned it into a fortunate performance.

The bad luck came in torrents. First, the birthday party show, scheduled from 4 to 6 PM, was held outdoor. The guests did not arrive until 5PM.

At 5.30 PM it rained, driving the guests to a small kiosk in the garden, where they huddled like wet chicks. Continue Reading »

The experts think they know the causes of heart disease. A Frenchman says the experts are wrong.

He claims that the usual culprits and/or mitigating factors that experts blame or name have nothing to do with coronary diseases, especially in the U.S. Not fatty food, wine or sex causes or lessens the incidence of heart attacks.

The Frenchman cites data from all over the world—the food in Japan, the wine in Spain and the sex activities in Brazil. He builds his case in beautiful French and concise English sub-title.

Even a Filipino magician like me with not a single French word in my vocabulary understands the video presentation of his breakthrough discovery

Here’s the video that identifies the leading cause of heart attacks in the U.S. For your enlightenment.

Stay magical,




I’m baffled.

I’m stumped.

Or maybe I just don’t get it.

I invite you to look at this picture. Reflect on it the way you normally do when you pray the Stations of the Cross. You will understand why I’m confused.

The photo is popular Filipino actress-model Alicia Mayer’s. It shows her posing for a campaign advertisement for PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals). If you haven’t noticed it yet, she is clad only in fresh lettuce to promote vegetarianism. Continue Reading »

In case you didn’t notice it already, one of life’s greatest joys is the human mind’s ability to conjure mental images that trigger other mental images.

I can speak only for humans. I don’t know if chimpanzees have the same ability. I’ve never tried being a chimpanzee. All I can do is assume that, with their type of brain, chimpanzees don’t have the ability.

Notice that I used the word conjure. The word is a jargon of the magic profession. Magicians usually use it to sound important and erudite. As a Filipino magician performing for family audiences, I use the word quite often. The reason? I have this frequent urge to sound important and erudite. It’s an urge I can’t resist. Continue Reading »

Florida teenager Jennifer Mee finally cured her endless hiccups after five weeks of suffering.

With what she cured it is not clear. Had she paid attention to the medicines and nostrums she had taken over the last several weeks, she could have identified the remedy and be easily on her merry way to wealth.

One of the great mysteries of the ages, the hiccups have big potentials as a moneymaker. They have baffled both the medical and quack doctors since Adam and Eve brought forth to this world their first baby. The hiccups’ cure is as baffling as their cause. Nobody knows exactly what these are. Continue Reading »

How to organize an unforgettable party for their little ones always confounds mothers. It started on the day one social-animal Neanderthal first invented birthday celebrations. Today, one find the question asked frequently on online forums where mothers populate.

I have been meaning to write a short “how to” guide on this topic. I’m sure hundreds of mommies will find it useful. I’ll publish the guide on this blog, provide a link to it side by side with my Birthday Party Planner, and everybody will be happy.

As a Filipino magician providing magic entertainment to families in Metro Manila and suburbs, I figured I have the right credentials, and knowledge, to write about the unnerving task of organizing birthday parties. Continue Reading »

As a Filipino magician providing family type entertainment and birthday party magic shows in Metro Manila, I belong to several online e-groups and forums. I consider the parent members of these groups my prospective clients. Discussing with them the difficult buy enjoyable task of raising a family keeps me attuned to their needs. It allows me also to offer better services.

A couple of days ago, in one of those e-groups, somebody brought up an article written by Manila Times columnist Bob Garon. Continue Reading »

You probably have heard it before from the experts. Procrastination leads to
jumbled schedules and leaves you disorganized in life.

Procrastination is a form of brinkmanship. Those who practice it inevitably fall victim to its twin evil—tardiness. Alas, among Filipinos, this has become a hall mark of our culture. In fact we have a facetious tag for it: Filipino Time.

What is it? It is time scandal­ously several minutes, hours even, after the appointed time. Continue Reading »

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